How we can Help

Thorough Evaluation, Treatment, and Follow-up for Internet and Gaming Problems


Dr. Paul does an extensive intake and evaluation to fully understand the problem and dynamics involved.

Treatment Plan

Dr. Paul will create a treatment plan customized to the client and their family.

Support and Follow-Up

Video game and internet problems and addictions are not easy to treat. Dr. Paul will be there to continue to support and follow-up for as long as needed.

*Testimonial names have been changed to maintain anonymity and confidentiality
Mrs. M

Mrs. M


"Dr. Paul helped my son get past his video game addiction and back to his previous happy self. He plays sports again and his grades are up."

Derrick J.

Derrick J.


"I was prioritizing my phone over my family, and even my own health and sleep. My entire family thanks Dr. Paul for his help"




"Thank you for helping my son reduce his gaming so that he can be an active part of our family again. We missed him."


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