Fortnite Addiction

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Fortnite has taken the world, and the world’s children and teens, by storm. It is a player-vs-player game that involves trying to survive by both defensive means and fighting with weapons and guns. This game uses many techniques to make players want to keep playing for longer, and more often. The visuals in the game are designed to be bright and engaging, particularly to kids. Bright and flashy colors also help keep users alert so they can play for longer. The sounds and music are also designed to increase wakefulness so you feel more energized.

The component of Fortnite that is perhaps the most addictive is that you can play with people you know in real life. This means kids are playing with their friends and classmates and have an added incentive to play because they don’t want to let their friends down.

These things can lead to major fights and meltdowns when gaming time has to come to an end, which can hurt families.

I have heard from parents that their children and teens are playing Fortnite excessively, some are even setting alarm clocks for the middle of the night so that they can play more without their parents knowledge. This, is very concerning, and is the reason that many children who are addicted to Fortnite are not getting adequate sleep, physical exercise, time for schoolwork, or time for other activities.

Cutting down or quitting video games is extremely difficult and the process can be hard on families. If you or someone you know is struggling with a Fortnite addiction, seek professional help before it starts to impact the sleep, health, and success of the person who is playing excessively.


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